Institute for Plasma Research (IPR)

Institute for Plasma Research (IPR)

The Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) is an autonomous physics research institute located in India. The institute is involved in research in aspects of plasma science including basic plasma physics, research on magnetically confined hot plasmas and plasma technologies for industrial applications. It is a large and leading plasma physics organization in India. The institute is mainly funded by Department of Atomic Energy. IPR is playing major scientific and technical role in Indian partnership in the international fusion energy initiative ITER. It is part of the IndiGO consortium for research on Gravitational Waves.


In 1982, the Government of India initiated the Plasma Physics Programme (PPP) for research on magnetically confined high temperature plasmas. The PPP evolved into the autonomous Institute for Plasma Research under the Department of Science and Technology in 1986. With the commissioning of ADITYA in 1989, full-fledged tokamak experiments started at IPR. A decision was taken in 1995 to build the second generation superconducting steady state tokamak SST-1 capable of 1000 second operation. Due to this, the institute grew rapidly and came under the Department of Atomic Energy. The industrial plasma activities were reorganised under the Facilitation Centre for Industrial Plasma Technologies (FCIPT) and moved to a separate campus in Gandhinagar in 1998.

Institute for Plasma Research is on the banks of the Sabarmati river in Bhat village of Gandhinagar district. It is approximately midway between the cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. It is 5 km from the Ahmedabad airport and 14 km from the Ahmedabad railway station.

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