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Priyanka Gandhi


“Indira Gandhi’s name, her legacy has left a mark, and the very natural connect that Priyanka shows among the common people will bring back “Indiramma’s memory” in the aged voter.”

Cynthia Stephen

Priyanka Gandhi (born 12 January 1972), is an Indian politician who is currently serving as general secretary of the AICC in charge of eastern Uttar Pradesh. Priyanka also serves as Trustee of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. She is the daughter of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, sister of Rahul Gandhi, and granddaughter of Feroze and Indira Gandhi, making her a member of the politically prominent Nehru-Gandhi family.

“Young charismatic, with impeccable credentials and history, Priyanka’s addition to the leadership in the Congress ranks will surely have a salutary effect.”.

Cynthia Stephen

Early life and Education

Priyanka Gandhi did her schooling from the Modern School and Convent of Jesus & Mary. She pursued her graduation in Psychology from Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi. She completed her Psychology degree and later on did her MA in Buddhist studies in 2010.

Priyanka & Politics

“”Political parties have to take note of the new assertions of women and youth, and use this opportunity to induct fresh energy and talent into their ranks.”

Gandhi had regularly visited her mother’s and brother’s constituencies of Rae Bareilly and Amethi where she dealt with the people directly.

She is a popular figure in the constituency, drawing large crowds everywhere; a popular slogan in Amethi in every election has been Amethi ka danka, bitiya Priyanka (the clarion call from Amethi is for Priyanka.

In the Indian general election, 2004, she was her mother’s campaign manager and helped supervise her brother Rahul Gandhi’s campaign. In the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, 2007, while Rahul Gandhi managed the statewide campaign, she focused on the ten seats in the Amethi Rae Bareilly region, spending two weeks there trying to quell considerable infighting within the party workers over seat allocations.

Priyanka feels that she is already contributing to the society by being a responsible citizen. She is reputed as an excellent organizer. She is believed to be her mother’s “chief advisor” on political matters.

Though Priyanka Gandhi has not been very active in politics, she played a pivotal role for the Congress during elections in Uttar Pradesh in 2009.

On January 23, 2019, Priyanka Gandhi formally entered politics, being appointed the Congress’ General Secretary in charge of the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh

“Priyanka Gandhi is a mature and knowledgeable woman”.

Sheila Dixit

Personal life

Priyanka is married to Robert Vadra, a businessman from Delhi. The wedding took place at the Gandhi home, 10 Janpath, on 18 February 1997 in a traditional Hindu ceremony. They have two children; a son Raihan and a daughter Miraya. Priyanka Gandhi is converted to Buddhism. She follows Buddhist philosophy and a practitioner of Vipassanā as taught by S. N. Goenka.
She has undertaken several courses on this subject, including ‘Sattipatahana’ taught by S N Goenka in 2009.
Her secret of serenity is meditation. Probably that is why even after hours of hectic schedules during elections she is able to flash smile at the people and spread warmth by her charm.

“I practised Vipasana Meditation for 10 years so that I better know what my own mind is, rather than what other people want of me”.

Priyanka Gandhi

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